The internet offers an excellent opportunity for marketing your business on-line to the widest possible audience, even while you’re asleep.

Not just an on-line brochure

To view a website simply as an on-line version of your printed brochure, would mean missing a significant opportunity.

A brochure site should be an interactive experience, guiding the user to achieve your objectives, whilst allowing a user to explore topics they find of interest without having to read a brochure top to bottom. Appropriate, well-structured content is crucial. Navigation needs to be intuitive around a logical structure, or frustration will set in.

Appropriate use of sound and video can provide the edge you need to keep a visitor on your site. Inappropriate use is guaranteed to make them leave your site very quickly.

Customer Focus

Websites are often structured around the structure of the organisation, describing the functions of each department rather than the products, services and benefits that a visitor will be looking for.

Given the opportunity, we work with our clients to ensure that the optimum focus is achieved, and that the content is engaging for the visitor. Getting the content right will be the hardest part of creating your website, but done correctly, you will reap the benefits for months, if not years, to come.

Generating Enquiries

The ultimate aim of a brochure site is to generate business enquiries. A website that is capable of delivering good quality sales leads, will soon pay for itself.

Examples of Brochure Sites