Typical Web Solutions

Websites come in all shapes and sizes, each with its very own requirements and features. The purpose of a website generally falls into one of a number of categories:

Business Brochure Website

An interactive experience, guiding the visitor through the products and / or services you have to offer whilst allowing a user to explore topics they find of interest

Present your creative work in an engaging gallery for visitors to explore, with multi-faceted classifications, project description / information and testimonials.

A quick and effective way to ‘post’ relevant content about your products and services which encourage visitors to post comments, allowing you to interact with your widening audience

Information sites with community interaction

Provide a library of reference information for a target audience or community, optionally allowing visitors to interact with the site and exchange information

Advanced Web Applications

A website can be much more than just an exchange of information. E-commerce is probably the most common form of web application, but the possibilities are much wider. Here are some examples:

Whether you want to sell virtual products (such as mp3 downloads) or physical items (such as clothing), 2 products or 2000; There is nothing but your imagination to stop you!

Whether you have an idea you want to try out, or if you have an established business, we have all the tools you need.

The internet has become an excellent tool for sharing knowledge. With easy delivery of rich media such as videos and sound, there is nothing to stop you creating engaging learning material for audiences of all ages.

E-learning courses can be as simple or as complex as you wish. Free or commercial

Recruitment & Jobboard website

Recruiter(s) publicise vacancies. Candidates add their resumes and apply for vacancies. Recruiter(s) search resumes and target candidates.

This can either be as a recruitment agency, or as a self-service platform for companies (or individuals) within a niche market, with optional payments for posting vacancies.

Advertise properties for sale or rent, short term or long term. Create beautiful image galleries to entice visitors.

A flexible, structured framework for property details ensure quality information that can be presented in an intuitive manner. Advanced search, including geographic searches