Unfortunately, a beautiful website is not enough

These days it is very unlikely that a website will perform well in search engines without additional effort, marketing the website itself. We offer a number of services, all aimed at allowing better indexing of your website by the major search engines,

Traditional SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is still a very important aspect of search engine marketing. The website we develop include everything you need to optimize every page on the site, individually or based on rules. These facilities are also available to our clients, should they wish to refine the optimisation of pages on their website

Micro Data Format

This is hidden information inserted into every page of the website and serves to describe the content of that page, to search engines, in a format they recognise. This has the benefit that the Search Engines are then able to better index your pages

Search Engine Submission

Firstly, we create a sitemap: This is a file that tells the search engines about all the pages on your website, and their relative importance. We create this automatically for every website.

Next, we tell the search engines all about your site, and how we would like it to be indexed

Social Media Marketing

Promote your business through Social Media Platforms appropriate to your business by driving visitors to your website.

Local Business Marketing

For a business relying on local trade, this is a must. It can transform the fortunes of your business if this is done well.

Ongoing Monitoring

Finally, we monitor the performance of your website against your objectives, and adjust plans and activities accordingly.

Pay Per Click

This may be appropriate for some clients requiring a quick win. However, we would recommend the above options in preference to PPC, as any money spent on those activities will have a lasting benefit, whereas PPC is very much and ongoing cost with little or no ongoing benefit.

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