Residential & Commercial Property sales and rentals / lettings


Flexible property description / data:
Standard data such as Type, location, status, beds, bath, price, area
extended to incorporate any other relevant information e.g. accessibility,

Sub-properties (e.g. apartments, rooms, offices)

Flexible location structure


User Registration

Front-end property submissions with spam protection

3rd Parties can register as an Agent

Listing management for registered users (Agents)

Agent details

Paypal integration for Property submit

dsIDXpress compatible output

User functionality:

Property Searches and Results

Advanced property search

Google Map-based results

Results listings layout options

Featured Properties

Recent properties

Single Listings

Listing layout options

‘At a glance’ information

Choice of image gallery layouts

choice of sidebar options

Similar properties

Favourites listings

Agent details

Agent Info display, contact agent

Listings for an agent

Important Features

Mortgage calculator

Fully responsive across devices

Multi-language support

Fully SEO Optimised