Take control…. Build you own website! (coming soon)

Over the years we have come across many small businesses that couldn’t really afford to have a website done professionally, so they would frequently opt for a less than ideal alternative.

The objective of this service is to make a robust & flexible website development environment accessible to anyone with the inclination to develop their own website.  You choose to pay monthly, quarterly or annually for the service. Unlike some similar server,  no contracts tying you in to something that you later regret.

Our platform is based on WordPress, probably the most widely-used platform for web development.

But WordPress is free. Why should I pay to use it?

It is true, WordPress is free. If you know anything about WordPress, you’ll know that there are two further types of elements you need to make it a fully-functional development environment:

Theme: this is the main element that dictates the look and feel of your site, but it can also introduce functionality. There are many ‘free’ themes available, quite often as a ‘lite’ version of a paid theme.  Finding a suitable, robust theme with adequate technical support can be a process of trial and error. We have pre-selected a number of themes for development environment.

Plugins: These are add-ons to WordPress that deliver additional functionality, e.g. a form for your ‘contact us’ page, calendars, e-commerce, social media integration, SEO.  There are hundreds if not thousands of free plugins, for everything under the sun. However. selecting the right plugin for your needs can take time, and often the best plugins have to be paid for. If your intention is to get away with only the free functionality (plugins), you’ll be missing out. Identifying suitable plugins can be time-consuming. To purchase these plugins yourself, could soon add up

Creating a website is one thing, but setting up and managing the WordPress environment effectively is a different matter altogether. Plus there is website hosting to secure too. We give you the option of starting your web development today, significantly reducing the learning curve and reducing the technical stumbling blocks.

At Baobab Solutions we believe in providing our web development clients with the best website possible. We want to extend this notion to those individuals who feel they should be capable of creating a website themselves, whether for budgetary reasons or as a personal challenge!

Support and Training

When you sign up to ‘Create your own website’, you’ll be given access to a range of tools and resources to help you in the task.

Through our support system, you will be able to raise issues and ask questions.

We also offer one-to-one training on a range of topics relating to the development of a website.  Topics covered include

Technical Development Website Marketing & SEO
Technical Platform

Security Considerations


Website Purpose

Website objectives

Target audience

Website Optimisation

·         Target Market

·         Keyword selection

·         Keyword intent

·         Keyword Competition

Website Structure Keyword Structure / Distribution





Branding, look & feel
Organisation data

Generic settings

Social Media Integration

Local SEO

Development tools



Page intent

Page Structure & Content

Keywords to be targeted

On-page optimisation

Object Micro Data

Backup / recovery procedures

Technical Environment Maintenance

Back-office processes Search Engine Submission

Social Media marketing

Relationship Building

Staying on top of updates Review effectiveness & fine-tune Analytics & Metrics